Stretching Massage

A Stretching Massage is a therapeutic approach that integrates the benefits of traditional massage with assisted stretching to improve flexibility, release tension, and enhance overall physical and mental wellness. Some advantages of a Streching Massage include:

– Enhanced Flexibility: Stretching Massage targets tight muscles and helps increase joint mobility, ultimately improving your range of motion and flexibility.

– Tension Relief: This massage technique alleviates muscle tension and helps reduce discomfort, making it an ideal choice for those with chronic pain or muscular tightness.

– Stress Reduction: As your body experiences deep stretching and relaxation, your mind naturally follows, resulting in reduced stress levels and a sense of tranquility.

– Improved Posture: Stretching Massage can aid in correcting postural issues by lengthening tight muscles and addressing imbalances.

Price: 80€ for 60 min

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